Ask The Running Doc: How Can I Train & Race In The Heat?


Watch The Meds!

Do not take cold medicines, diet pills, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or anti-diarrhea medicines with dehydrating agents in them. They will increase your risk for heat illness. Caffeine products are only OK in doses you are used to taking on training day. Do not start taking a caffeine product on race day. And limit caffeine to less than 200mg before a run of 10k or more.

Succumbing to the heat can be cumulative. We all have heard of professional football players being hospitalized during summer training camps due to heat illness. The New York Football Giants in 1990, the the actions of their now retired team nutritionist Merle Best, RD, instituted a program that has limited this bad result. We should all follow it. On hot days weigh yourself before and after the workout. For every pound lost, even if you are drinking during the workout and your urine looks like lemonade, drink 1 pint of Sports drink. In that way you replenish what you lost in water weight and be ready for the next day. Otherwise, heat illness can creep up on you.


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