A Birthday Revelation: Running Gets Better With Age

New York Post running blogger Lauren Johnston is 34 years old and has never run better. Photo: New York Post

One blogger woke up on her birthday with a smile on her face.

Lauren Johnston, a running blogger for the New York Post, just turned 34. Instead of weeping about her increasing age, she is celebrating. Why? Her running is getting better and better.

“I do feel like this year marks an important running milestone for me – it kicks off a year where any running goal seems possible,” she writes.

When she turned 25, Johnston thought that her best running days were past her. This has not proven true.

“Nine years later, I have run the New York City Marathon and at least five half-marathons,” she says. “My regular weekend runs almost always hit the double digits. When I was 25 (and full of doomsday prophechies for my fitness) I had never run even 10 miles at once.”

Johnston shares that she is now setting running goals she’s never imagined and is not even slowing down. In fact, she’s still breaking PRs.

“When I woke up on the morning of my 34th birthday, I thought, ‘However fast or far I might run today or this week, I can always go faster or run farther.’

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