Despite Foot Injury, Molly Huddle Racing Worlds

Molly Huddle is hoping to compete in Daegu South Korea despite a foot injury. Photo:

Molly Huddle is hoping to compete in Daegu, South Korea despite a foot injury. Photo:

She got injured after winning the U.S. 5000m event at the U.S. Championships.

Former Notre Dame standout Molly Huddle isn’t letting a foot injury get in the way. In a recent interview with Runner’s World, the U.S. 5000m record holder indicated that she is “definitely doing better.” Upon winning the  5000m event at the U.S. Outdoor Championships in late June, Huddle’s right foot began to hurt. She later learned she was suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Huddle is now setting her sights to compete at the World Championships, which are taking place later this month in Daegu, South Korea.

However, the 26-year-old is lowering expectations for her performance. “I don’t know how fit I am. I haven’t tried a key workout or anything yet to test that,” she said. “Probably in the next week I’ll get one or two workouts in to see how much fitness I’ve lost.”

Huddle is coached by Providence College’s Ray Treacy.

While injured she said she was doing a lot of pool running and completing runs on the Alter-G treadmill in order to experience land running again.

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