Don’t Start Too Early With Jogging Strollers

Dr. Sue Hubbard suggest new moms take it easy the first few weeks after they deliver. Photo: The London Free Press

There’s no rush, says one doctor.

Writing for the London Free Press, Dr. Sue Hubbard urges caution for new mothers seeking to jump back into a running routine.

Not surprisingly, Hubbard notes that there is a lack of consensus about when it’s safe and appropriate to use a stroller with a newborn. Hubbard goes on to say that it’s generally OK for new mothers to take their newborns out in a jogging stroller for a walk, provided the parent isn’t “climbing Mount Everest or running down the side of a mountain, over rugged terrain or across gaping potholes!”

Most obstetricians recommend that their patients limit exercise four to six weeks after giving birth. “If you push yourself too quickly, it takes a toll both on your breast milk production and overall energy level,” she writes.

Hubbard encourages new moms to take the first few weeks taking it easy, using the time to “lounge around in your nightgown, take catnaps and enjoy just staring at your newborn. It’s really the only time you’ll get that opportunity.”

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