How Do You Organize A Race In The Dark?

Runners will only have their headlamps to light the way at the Energizer Night Race next week in Calgary, Canada. Photo: The National Post

One race director is dealing with that very question right now.

As if it’s hard enough for a race director to do their job, what happens when you turn off all the lights? That’s the task currently on the capable shoulders of Cheryl Lowery. Ms. Lowery, a triathlete for the past 20 years, is the race director of the Calgary Marathon. She has been given the assignment of planning the Energizer Night Race, an evening run taking place next week in Calgary.

The race then moves on to Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver later this year.

Besides the usual race-director duties–lining up volunteers, getting the aid stations squared away, and ensuring there is enough water–Lowery has to worry about something else: making sure runners don’t get lost in the dark.

“North Glenmore Park has this beautiful ravine, but there’s no way I’d send runners down there,” said Lowery. “It’s a natural preservation and there’s coyotes and stuff down there — if someone fell into the ditch, we wouldn’t find them until the next day.”

Approximately 1500 runners are expected to take part in the night race.

The event started in South Africa six years ago.

For More: The National Post

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