How Do You Select The Best Treadmill Workout?

One fitness guru says it’s all about the fundamentals.

According to one expert, fundamentals come first on a treadmill. Photo: Centralized Fitness

It’s very easy to step up to a treadmill and become instantly confused. There are so many buttons and so many pre-programmed workouts to choose from. According to an article on the Reuters Web site, runners should focus on the fundamentals. “Learn the arithmetic before tackling the calculus,” said Josh Lyon, of the 24-Hour Fitness┬áchain.”For the treadmill, it is generally incline and speed. For the elliptical, it is generally ramp and resistance.”

Lyon points out that adding more resistance or speed makes the muscles work harder. Along the same lines, an increase of slope works different muscle groups.

“Once clients grasp how these two work together, they are ready to begin experimenting with the pre-set workouts, intervals and shorter high-intensity workouts. There’s a learning curve,” Lyon said.

In 2009, more than 50 million Americans used treadmills for fitness.

Lyon goes on to point out that a high-intensity workout burns calories after the workout. “There’s something called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), or the afterburn,” he explained.

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