Study: Nonalcoholic Beer Aids Marathon Recovery

A recent study suggest nonalcoholic beer aids marathon recovery. Photo:

Over two hundred runners took part in the German study.

A recent study suggest nonalcoholic beer aids marathon recovery. Photo:

Look out frosty beverage running fans, here’s some good news for you: According to an article in the The New York Times, a new study is out that finds that nonalcoholic beer aids in marathon recovery. The study was conducted by the Technical University of Munich. As part of it, researchers approached healthy male runners who were mostly in their early 40s and training for the Munich Marathon.

In the name of science, the runners were asked if they would drink a considerable amount of nonalcoholic beer.

Of those asked, 227 agreed to partake in the study. Only half got the beer, while the other half received a similar-tasting placebo. None of the runners knew what kind of beer they were drinking.

The runners downed over a liter of the sudsy beverage every day, beginning three weeks before the marathon. They then continued two weeks after the race. According to the article, “the scientists, meanwhile, collected blood samples from the men several weeks before the race, as well as immediately before to the start, at the finish line and on select days afterward.”

For More: The New York Times


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