Roommates Spar At 41st City2Surf In Australia

Liam Adams smiles as he breaks the tape at the 41st annual City2Surf. Photo: SMH

A record 69,000 runners turned out for one of Sydney’s biggest races.

Even though they shared a room the night before, it doesn’t mean everything was friendly the next day at the 41st annual Sun-Herald City2Surf race in Sydney, Australia.

In the end, Liam Adams of Melbourne defeated his rival and 2009 champion Michael Shelley with strong kick.

Adams, 24, didn’t think he had the surge in him. “I was quite unfamiliar with the course so my plan was to tuck into the pack and hold on – somehow I found something extra to run over the top of Michael [Shelley],” he recalled. “I’m amazed because Michael’s got great speed, and he’s beaten me just about every time we’ve raced, so this is a big scalp for me.”

A record 69,000 runners completed the 13.5K course.

In the women’s division, Jessica Trengove, who had previously only placed third in past editions, managed to take home the win. She noted that her victory was “very special”.

“I fell in love with the City2Surf last year because of the challenging hills, the atmosphere and just the prestige of it, and I said to myself, ‘I want to win that race one day.’ I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly,” she said.”

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