Bar Hopping: Putting Rise Bars To The Taste Test

Natural nutrition that fuels the mind and body.

Written by: Cielestia Calbay

I’m always on the hunt for the next greatest nutrition bar; “bar hopping,” if you will. So it was a nice surprise to see a variety pack of Rise Bars show up on my desk with ingredients I actually recognize.

The Rise Bar ingredients lineup is simple: a blend of fruits, nuts and seeds, and brown rice and tapioca syrups to hold it together with amaranth, a combination of herbs. The line, which consists of vegetarian and gluten-free breakfast, protein and energy bars, also uses crisp rice salt to add a tasty, crunchy texture (think Rice Krispies crunch).

Rise Bar was previously known as Divine Foods, the parent company of the PranaBar and Boomi Bar brands. It was founded in 1999 by Graeme Duncan who advocated a holistic lifestyle and that the “body is a temple.” He moved the company to San Diego in 2003, where it was then acquired by Peter Spenuzza, an entrepreneur who rebranded the company.

“We wanted the new brand to reflect the company’s strength as a line of nutrition bars that fuel the mind and body,” said Spenuzza.

The company is currently developing a line of gluten-free kids bars with flavors that include blueberry muffin and chocolate chip. The protein line, which currently only has two flavors, will launch almond protein crunch and honey cashew flavors later this year.

Rise Bars are available at Whole Foods Markets and other natural food and grocery retailers.

See how they measured up in the photo gallery below:

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