Out There: Spectathletes In Spirit

Susan Lacke shares a virtual cheering section for friends competing this weekend.

Written by: Susan Lacke

Guess who’s going to the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships this weekend?

If you guessed “Not-Susan,” you would be right. Technically.

I won’t be going to Nationals in person, but I’ll definitely be there in spirit. You see, two of my friends and teammates, Ashley and Christian, qualified for the race. They’ve earned the right to be there. Both of them are dedicated triathletes, living proof that 4 AM workouts and pushing yourself ‘til it hurts will get results – BIG results.

I’ve written about the art of being a spectathlete in previous columns. If I could, I’d be in Burlington, Vermont this weekend, clad in body paint and cowbells while running alongside the course screaming obscenities. Instead, I’m staying in Arizona, where such behavior would likely land me in a mental hospital.

But if you think I’d pass up the opportunity to give my friends the sendoff they deserve, you’re crazy. Our friends, families, and teammates gave them a virtual cheering section, Facebook-style! Here’s some of the best of what appeared on their walls yesterday. Ashley and Christian: Go get ‘em! We’re proud of you!

And to all the athletes racing USAT Nationals this weekend, GOOD LUCK! Here’s wishing you calm waters, a nice tailwind, and the best runner’s high you could ever imagine.

See you Out There!

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