Shoe Review: Nike LunarGlide+ 3 ($100, 11.7oz)

Dynamic support and tons of cushioning in one lightweight package.

Written by: Mario Fraioli

The author putting some miles on the original Nike LunarGlide+, a revolutionary running shoe that was the first to cater to a variety of foot types and running styles.

Two years ago, before I joined the staff here at Competitor, I was the store manager at PR Running, a running specialty store in Westboro, Massachusetts. One of the advantages of my position–along with having sample-size 9 feet–was that I was usually the first person to test a new shoe from any number of major brands.

At the time, our store didn’t carry Nike, although the regional rep would routinely drop into the store to show us the latest and greatest offerings from the largest footwear brand in the world. He seeded me with a pair of LunarGlide+, a new shoe at the time which boasted “dynamic support” — a unique platform that was said to accommodate a variety of foot types and had the ability to adapt to number of different foot strikes.

As a flat-footed supinator (yes, we do exist!) I was skeptical. After one run, however, I was hooked.

Since its initial offering two years ago, the LunarGlide+ series has revolutionized how support and cushion function in a running shoe. The latest version, the LunarGlide+ 3, is lighter and more responsive than the previous two models, but still provides an ample amount of cushioning, support and protection that caters to a wide range of running styles.

I put the new LunarGlide+ 3 to the test recently and took a closer look at how this lightweight, supportive trainer fits, feels and rides.


The latest installment of the LunarGlide+ is also the best-fitting and most breathable. These shoes fit my foot like a sock, and the lightweight, flexible upper materials provided my foot with a lot of freedom while the strategically-placed eyelets helped snug up the laces, creating a secure fit.


Nike’s Lunarlon midsole provides a well-cushioned feeling underfoot while reducing the weight of the shoe. A built-in, but non-intrusive dynamic support system helped my foot feel secure in the shoe without overcorrecting my mechanics. These shoes felt really comfortable and light on my feet, but had plenty of stability, too.


I continue to be impressed with the versatility of this shoe. It’s light and responsive enough that I can run fast in it, but cushioned and stable enough to train in regularly. Forefoot strikers such as myself will love the go-fast, flexible feel of the forefoot in the new Lunar Glide+ 3 while heel strikers will appreciate the ample cushioning and smooth transition from ground contact to toe-off.

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