No Time To Run?

Early Morning

Getting up before the sun to get in a run ranks pretty close to last on my list of fun things to do, but with a packed day sometimes it’s the only time I can go running. Running blogger, Skinny Runner, is lucky enough to have an internal alarm clock to get her on the road early. Even when she is fishing in Alaska for several months during the summer or on vacation, she gets up before every one else to go for a run. “When I’m on vacation, I like to get my run in as early as possible. It’s so much easier to get it done and out of the way before the beach and piña coladas start calling my name,” she explained. “So I make sure to set my alarm so I can get up and get going before the busyness of the day starts; that way I’ve got a good sweat in and don’t feel like I’ve missed out of any of the fun either.”

Getting up early is often difficult, especially when on vacation. I asked Skinny Runner how she stays motivated to wake up early for a run and she told me: “To motivate myself to get up that early, I remind myself how good I will feel afterwards: how accomplished I’ll feel, how proud of myself I’ll be, how I will want to fuel my body better afterwards, etc. For the people who say ‘I don’t want to wake up early; I’m on vacation,’ yeah, you’re on vacation—you can take four naps if you need to! Go fall asleep by the pool knowing that you’ve started your day out right and in a healthy way.  And come on now, if you stick to your workouts, you know you can have that second, (or third), mai tai.”

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