Moving On Up: Exclusive Interview With Lauren Fleshman

Track specialist Lauren Fleshman will be watched with a close eye in her marathon debut on Sunday. Photo:

We caught up with the fastest 5,000m runner in the U.S. this year.

Interview by: Linzay Logan

With an outstanding performance at the recent World Championships, Lauren Fleshman has great momentum heading into the New York City Marathon in November. Photo:

“June 24: 8th in the USA. Sept 2nd: 7th in the world.”

This is how Lauren Fleshman ended her last blog post on her experience at the World Championships earlier this month. It’s representative of the 29-year-old’s positive, inspirational attitude. Her performance in the 5,000-meter final at Worlds not only solidified her position as one of the best 5,000-meter runners in the U.S., but also marked the beginning of her transition into completely new territory—the marathon.

On Nov. 6, Fleshman will run the ING New York Marathon—her first attempt at the distance. “I have no idea what I’m getting myself into,” she admitted when I spoke to her earlier this week. Even though she’s been focusing on shorter distances since middle school, her heavy workload over the past few years should serve her well come race day in New York City.

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With just over six weeks left to train for the ING New York City Marathon, Fleshman spoke with me about her experience at Worlds, her transition to the marathon and how she can easily sleep more than most newborns.

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