Age Not A Factor For Toronto Marathon Champion

At 38, Kenneth Mungara thinks he can win again in Toronto. Photo: IAAF

At 38, Kenneth Mungara thinks he can win again in Toronto. Photo: IAAF

The Kenyan hopes to run under 2:07 this year.

Kenneth Mungara of Kenya is not letting his age get in the way. At 38, he plans to return to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16 and defend his crown. In last year’s race, he clocked a 2:07:58 personal best and Canadian All-Comer’s record.

After winning last year, he vowed to come back.

“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he says. “Toronto is very hard; got a lot of tough guys there. I want to go 2:07 or under 2:07.  If I go there and have a good pacemaker I can run 2:07 or 2:06. My training is very good. I am doing very fine.”

Mungara says he still expects to be racing (and winning) in three or four years.

This past May, he set a new PR at the Volkswagen Prague Marathon (2:07:36) when he finished second behind fellow Kenyan Benson Barus (2:07:07).

For now, Toronto is Mungara’s focus. It’s a city he looks forward to returning to.

“Ah, Toronto. I like the people, I enjoy it a lot. They cheer me all along the course,” he says. “There’s a lot of Kenyans there. They say ‘come next, come next year, you have to come next year and win the race.’ Like that.”

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