Five Fun Half Marathons For College Students

The Rock ‘n’ Roll series made the list.

Huffington Post writer Sadie Meaher has listed five half marathons around the country that she thinks are the most college-student friendly.

At the top of Meaher’s list (she’s a Tulane student), is not surprisingly, the New Orleans Jazz Half. “One thing that makes this city such a fun place to do a half marathon is the local support,” she writes.

Number two on the list is the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon. Meaher says the course, which takes you through the famed Churchill Downs, is the reason for running it.

And even though Meaher hasn’t run it, the Space Coast Half Marathon is number four on her list. “I can tell it looks fun,” she adds. “It is a space-themed race with a cool looking medal.”

Rounding out her list, Meaher suggests any one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathons. “This series has races all over the country,” she writes. “If you like to do races and music, then you might want to check out this series. And, with so many different race locations, there is bound to be a race near you.”

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