Man Completes Ultra With Jaw Wired Shut

Mulnix recently completed a 50-mile run with his jaw wired shut. Photo:

Doctors closed his mouth just days before the race.

Mulnix recently completed a 50-mile run with his jaw wired shut. Photo:

Just six months after a horrendous car accident that left him with a shattered jaw, Brandon Mulnix completed the 50-mile North Country Trail Run. He ran the entire course with his jaw wired shut. Mulnix, 32, is an emergency services worker in Manistee, Michigan. Back in February, he was involved in a collision with another vehicle that came across traffic and hit his vehicle during icy conditions.

Mulnix’s injury required extensive surgery. His jaw was wired shut just days before the race.

“As an experienced ultra-marathon runner I wanted to challenge the community by doing something extreme,” he said. “Last year at this race I had to quit at 25 miles into the race due to overheating. The chances of me finishing this year were even less, but I like a challenge.”

He noted that his motivation stemmed from the race’s charitable efforts.

“We raised one food item for every mile so more than 3,000 non-perishable food items will be donated to communities across Michigan and as far away as Texas,” he said. “I couldn’t let people go hungry just because I was hurting.”

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