Marathon Means Big Money For Chicago

Chicago depends on running tourist dollars every October. Photo:

Chicago depends on running tourist dollars every October. Photo:

The marathon is timed when the city most needs the tourist dollars.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is very good to its host city. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, the annual event generates $171.5 million in activity for the city. These numbers were arrived at by a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The school’s Regional Economics Applications Laboratory conducted the study, which concluded that the race generated $70.6 million in local tourist spending and $100.9 million of indirect economic activity.

Also, the study found that every runner generated an additional $1.29 for the local economy.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be held this year on October 9. It sold out in a record 31 days with 45,000 runners taking part.

The study also found that 10,000 runners indicated that the race marked their first visit to the “Windy City”. October is a good time for marathoning in Chicago, because that is the usually the slow period for tourism in the city.

Along with London, Berlin, Boston, and New York, Chicago is one of the races that comprises the World Marathon Majors Series.

For More: Chicago Tribune


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