“McRunnerette” Fueling Solely With Fast Food

She will be eating McDonald’s meals for 31 days straight.

Emily Strunk-Helm calls herself the "McRunnerette". Photo: KPHO.com

Say goodbye to giant salads and bagels, Emily Strunk-Helm is preparing for the marathon another way: eating McDonalds. She is taking part in the Long Beach Marathon, which will be her tenth 26.2-mile race, in order to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

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“To me, this is like a well-rounded meal,” says Strunk-Helm, who calls herself a”McRunnerette” as she sits in front of pieces of deep-fried chicken, french fries and burgers. “I’ve got carbs, I got protein.”

Strunk-Helm is eating only McDonald’s food for 31 days.

“I’m not a healthy eater. I never have been,” she says. “People assume when they meet me, because I’m a runner, I eat healthy.”

Strangely enough, Strunk-Helm isn’t worried about what she’s eating, but instead how she will eat McDonald’s come race day. “My biggest concern is the logistics of it, getting to McDonald’s during the day. I don’t eat three meals a day. I kind of eat all day long,” she admits.

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