Women’s Club Stresses Camaraderie Over Competition

The Seattle-based "Run Like a Grrrrl" club encourages women of all abilities. Photo: Guerilla Running.com

The Seattle-based club was founded last year to inspire women to take up running.

Rachael Jamison is the founder of the Seattle-based women’s running club “Run Like a Grrrrl”. For Jamison, what’s more important than anything else is sticking together.

“No girl left behind,” she said. “We all stay together on every run.”

Camaraderie over competition is a key tenet of the club, which has been gaining in popularity since it was founded last summer. (There were 10 original members and now the club is up to 40 runners.)

The club is also a social activity.

“Some women who have never run are intimidated running with guys because they are generally faster and don’t tend to wait,” said Susan Giordano,one of the club’s self-described slower members. “And it makes for a kind of a girls night out kind of thing.”

Jamison came up with the idea for the club after a long and successful competitive running career. He primary goal was to inspire people to take up the sport.

“That’s why we aren’t looking for the fastest runners,” Jamison said. “We want people who will be ambassadors of running, people who will have a smile on their face when they cross the finish so that people might see that and want to get out and try running.”

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