Police Use Helicopter To Save Runners From Bear

A lucky pair of runners and their child is safe thanks to the officers.

Some quick-thinking police in Canada may have saved the life of a pair of runners and their baby. York Regional Police said that two adults were jogging in Georgina, Canada last week when a black bear came upon them. The police report indicated the bear was within 200 meters of the runners. By chance, a police helicopter was flying in the vicinity and noticed the bear approaching the runners, one of whom was pushing a baby jog stroller.

The pilots of the helicopter feared the worst and brought their aircraft down as low as possible to scare the bear away from the unsuspecting runners.

The bear eventually ran off into the woods with the helicopter following the bear until it ran away from sight.

The runners and the child in the baby jog stroller were not injured.

Footage of the incident has been released by the police. Images of the runners were not captured by police cameras.

For More: CTV Toronto

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