Purple Potatoes Linked to Lower Blood Pressure And No Weight Gain

They have the same beneficial effects on blood pressure as pomegranates.

Written by: Cielestia Calbay

It doesn’t make an excuse for potato chips and fries, but researchers say their distant relative, purple potatoes, could be the dubbed the next superfood for their ability to lower blood pressure.

Potatoes have been widely blamed for their role in weight gain and heart disease in America in the guise of junk food, but a study conducted at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania found that purple potatoes have the same beneficial effects on blood pressure as pomegranates.

In the study, 18 overweight or obese men and women who were taking medication to lower blood pressure were given six to eight small potatoes with skins to eat with their lunch and dinner as part of their “normal” diet.

Four weeks later, researchers measured their blood pressure and found that the readings had dropped significantly and that none of the subjects gained weight.

Purple potatoes, which were once considered food for the gods in Peru, aren’t as popular as their white counterparts but are becoming more available at supermarkets and farmers’ markets. It’s been reported their skins are loaded with more antioxidants than the skin on white potatoes.

According to the study’s researchers, purple potatoes with the skins can be healthy as long as they’re free of butter, oils and ketchup, and are boiled, baked or mashed and not fried.

Experts say the results are only preliminary and are still subject to peer review.

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