Demystifying Frozen Yogurt: Splurge or Frequent Treat?


Ingredients: Original flavor contains nonfat milk, sugar, cultured pasteurized nonfat milke with live and active cultures, and less than two percent of cultured nonfat milk powder, fructose, dextrose, citric acid, guar gum, maltodextrin mono-and diglycerides, starch.

Nutritional content varies vastly according to flavor or combination of flavors and toppings. One half-cup serving of original contains 100 calories, 0 grams fat, 21 grams of carbs and 20 grams of sugar. The highest-calorie and fat yogurt flavor is peanut butter, which contains 170 calories, 7 grams fat, 23 grams of carbs and 20 grams of sugar per serving.

Takeaway: It’s easy to walk away with a cup filled with as much, if not more, sugar as a candy bar, and possibly more calories. Sure, you’re getting the nutritive benefit of active live cultures, calcium and a little protein, but opt for the smallest size and top with fruit and maybe a sprinkle of nuts or coconut.

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