Nutrition And Fitness Mythbusting With Nathan Jendrick

Do you really need a fifth cookie?

He believes that each individual is in control of his or her fitness and well being.

Written by: Sabrina Grotewold

Nathan Jendrick, personal trainer to fitness newbies, recreational and competitive athletes, and Olympians, is an amateur bodybuilder, competitive swimmer and triathlete whose next fitness endeavor is to dominate road races, working his way from the 5K to the half-marathon to a “life-long goal:” the marathon.

The author of several popular fitness books, including “Dunks, Doubles, Doping: How Steroids Are Killing American Athletics,” and, most recently, “Gym-free and Ripped,” Jendrick and his wife, Olympic gold and silver medalist swimmer Megan Jendrick, who is also a writer, tag team on developing new exercises, recipes and ideas to spread the word about how healthy, positive, life-altering changes begin at home.

Spawned from Nathan’s philosophy that each individual is in control of his or her fitness and well being, “Gym-free and Ripped” contains a wealth of useful at-home exercises, tips and recipes designed to empower every budding athlete with the buzz-free knowledge they need to get lean and strong at home.

Check out the website the couple is currently building for more tips; the site is expected to be fully functional in early 2012.

Over the following pages, Nathan Jendrick busts four common nutrition and fitness myths.

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