Mizuno Cabrakan 3–$130


12.1 oz

Fit / Wide-footed runners will love this shoe for its roomy fit through the midfoot and toe box. “I couldn’t get the shoe tight enough,” remarked one tester. A secure heel makes it suitable for the average foot, but narrow-footed trailbirds should look elsewhere.

Feel / Packing a ton of stability, this shoe “feels like a bullet-proof vest” on your foot, according to one tester. It offers a lot of protection through supportive overlays, and its beefy midsole ensures that off-road obstacles won’t wreak havoc on your feet.

Ride / With its stiff midsole and rugged outsole, the Cabrakan is made to tackle the toughest terrain nature throws your way. It’s a trail shoe in the truest sense of the word, and definitely rides like one, too. If you’re a heavier runner looking for a little more control over uneven ground, the Cabrakan is worth taking for a ride.

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