La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0–$100

10.7 oz

Fit / If you’ve got a skinny foot, it will fit well into the Crosslite 2.0. The shoe offers a snug fit from heel to toe and a gator that covers the laces helps gives the sensation that your foot isn’t going anywhere.

Feel / High-arched runners will enjoy the shapely midsole this shoe features. The cushioning is on the softer side for a trail shoe and proved to be forgiving underfoot during long runs and over more technical terrain.

Ride / Grip rules in the Crosslite 2.0. Designed for mountain runners traversing rugged terrain, this shoe offers a smooth transition up and down the most technical of trails. “This shoe stuck like glue,” said one tester. Testers also raved about the shoe’s exceptional forefoot flexibility.

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