Newton Terra Momentus–$139
11.2 oz

Fit / “These had probably the most secure heel I’ve ever felt in a shoe,” said one tester. The rest of the shoe fits snugly, too, but there’s plenty of room for the toes to spread out.

Feel / Lightweight and soft underfoot, the Terra Momentus scored big on step-in feel. Testers said the elevated forefoot felt strange when standing in the shoes, but was less of an issue while running.

Ride / The raised lugs in the forefoot encourage landing with a forefoot strike and running with a faster cadence. “The shoe put me up on my toes and made me more aware of where I was planting my foot,” said one tester; some reported lower-leg soreness after their first few runs in the Terra Momentus. The stickiness of the forefoot lugs on the trail was sub-par compared to other shoes we tested.

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