World-Record Ambitions: Exclusive Interview With Moses Mosop

Mosop won Milan’s Stramilano half marathon in 59:20 in March 2010. Photo:

Moses Mosop Interview, Part I.

Moses Mosop followed up his spectacular second-place finish at the Boston Marathon in April with a world-record 30K run less than two months later. Photo: Tell me about the Boston Marathon.

Moses Mosop: In the beginning, I was feeling very well, and afterwards, I was feeling very well. But I was worried because when I was maybe around 35K, I thought maybe I will get tired because it’s my first marathon. Then when I was at 38, I saw I was OK, so I tried to push with Geoffrey. I wanted to try to win and leave Geoffrey, but Geoffrey was hanging in, so then I said, no problem. … I was feeling that I wanted to try to win, but when we started to sprint, I tried to sprint, but my legs were not moving.

How do you feel about the race?

I’m very happy because it’s my first time and we did a great job. … I was expecting maybe I will run 2:07 or 2:08 but I was surprised when I ran 2:03.

Who do you train with?

I train with my coach, Renato Canova, and with some athletes [including] Abel Kirui.

Do you always train with [world marathon champion] Abel Kirui? Where do you train?

We are with the same management so we are training together. We train in Iten.

Where are you from originally?

I’m from a place called Marakwet [district], a place called Kamasia.

Do you have siblings who run?

I have a little brother, younger than me, Philimon Mosop. We are training together. Now he’s around 19.

Has he run internationally or only in Kenya?

He competed in Kenya. He ran 12K [cross country]. He was position 5 in the district. He’s still developing.

You took world championship bronze on the track in 2005 [over 10,000m] and cross country silver in 2007. Tell me about the years after that.

When I was training on the track and cross country, I always had a problem in my tendon. I had a problem in my legs, both legs. When I went to the track, I used spikes, so I stopped it now. So I said maybe I will go to the marathon and after that, I changed my program and left track and cross country and then I changed my focus to the marathon.

When did the tendon injuries start?

When I train on the track, sometimes one year I train very well and then the coming year, there’s nothing I can do. It came when I was going for the Olympics in 2008 and also in 2009. … Always the same injury. … In 2010, I was supposed to go to the track. I had the same injury. Always tendons.

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