World-Record Ambitions: Exclusive Interview With Moses Mosop

Can Mosop break the marathon world record this weekend in Chicago? Photo:

Moses Mosop Interview, Part II


Mosop shattering the world 30K record in Eugene this past June. Photo:

Tell me about your [25,000m and 30,000m] world record race in Eugene.

It was very nice. I was prepared and I was feeling very well, and I made it. … [After Boston] I recovered, I rested one week and I started again to train because I wanted this world record in Eugene. … I’m happy because not all people have that.

Was it difficult to run so many laps alone?

Not for me. When I was running alone, I was managing to go at the pace of the pacemakers.

Photo Gallery: Moses Mosop Shatters World 30K Record

After the race, you wore a T-shirt that said “Stop Mosop” [inspired by “Stop Pre” referring to Pre Classic meet namesake Steve Prefontaine].

They gave it to me at the race because they said it’s the name of a guy who was running there, he was a great man. I don’t know the meaning, but there’s a story behind it. He’s a famous runner. It’s something good, not something bad.

You had said that in recent years, you had injury problems on the track, so how were you able to do so many laps on the track and not have a problem?

Even after that, I felt a little bit in my tendon again.

When did that begin?

After Eugene, when I finished the race and went back to Kenya and went and trained, I felt my legs were not good.

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