World-Record Ambitions: Exclusive Interview With Moses Mosop

Moses Mosop Interview, Part IV (Conducted Sept. 30)


Can Mosop break the marathon world record this weekend in Chicago? Photo:

How is your preparation for Chicago?

My preparation is not bad. I’m feeling well.

You had told me about the tendon problem you had after Eugene, and I understand you lost some training time in July.

Yes, I still have a little pain in my tendon. … I’m maybe at 80% of my shape.

When we spoke last time, you believed you could break the world record in Chicago. How do you feel now?

I’m going to try to win, but not to break the world record. Not now, maybe next time.

The world record is harder now than it was before because Patrick Makau broke it. Do you still think you can do it?

Now Makau has the world record. … But it is OK, I will still make it.

So you still think you can do it. Next year, maybe?

Yes, next year. Because after Chicago, I will be training and then I have a long time to prepare.

Last time, you ran a half marathon before Boston, but this time, I didn’t see any. Did you run a race to test yourself before Chicago?

I didn’t, because I was having a problem with my leg.

It’s been reported that Makau and Abel Kirui will be running the London Olympic marathon. Were you hoping to make the Kenyan Olympic team?

For me, I’m maybe not as interested in that; I’m interested in the world record. … I want to try my best time next year.

Your wife [Florence Kiplagat] did not finish the Boston marathon, but she ran very well in Berlin [winning in 2:19:44]. Tell me about that.

I don’t know much about that because we are not together now. … We separated.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, thank you very much, and good luck in Chicago.

Thank you very much.


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Sabrina Yohannes is a freelance journalist from Ethiopia based in New York. She has written for Reuters, The New York Times,The  Washington Post, IAAF, Running Times, Runner’s World and Universal Sports.

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