“Saved By The Bell Star” Talks Marathon Training

"Saved by the Bell" star Mario Lopez tackles the marathon next month. Photo: ESPN

He is running the New York City Marathon next month.

"Saved by the Bell" star Mario Lopez tackles the marathon next month. Photo: ESPN

In the television world he was A.C. Slater from “Saved by the Bell”. In the real world, he’s Mario Lopez, the marathoner.

ESPN recently sat down with the host of “Extra” to talk about his running.

“Running has become therapeutic for me. I can clear my mind and I can just go through my day and have a lot of clarity,” he said. “It’s become sort of a ritual now.”

Lopez admits the only time he is allowed to be with his thoughts are at church and when he’s out on the roads.

He’s taking part in the INC New York City Marathon in part, because he is a pitchman for a new Motorola device called the motoactv, which is smaller than an iPod and is designed for runners that goes over the arm, plays music, checks heart rate and detects which songs the runners performs better while listening to.

Lopez is an all-around fitness enthusiast.

“I like to mix it up,” he admits. “I like to take in those different sort of classes too, like Crossfit training classes. So anything, whether it’s shooting hoops….I just like being outside when it’s nice and indoors maybe taking a spin class. Because I’ll get bored if not.”

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