Fit, Feel And Ride: The 2011 Fall Running Shoe Review

Use this guide to hone in on the right pair of shoes for you!

Written by: Mario Fraioli

This review first appeared in the September issue of Competitor Magazine.

This month we tested 25 of the hottest running shoes you’ll find on the walls of your favorite running specialty retail stores this season. Included in the lineup are some tried-and-true models from some of the bigger brands you’re already familiar with, along with some not-so-well known-yet companies hoping to make a splash on the scene this fall.

Before using this review to hone in on the right pair of shoes for you, it’s important to ask yourself a few key questions: Is my foot narrow or wide? Do I prefer a close fit in the toe box or would I rather have some wiggle room? Do I like a soft feeling underneath my foot or do I prefer the responsiveness of the road? Am I a heel striker or am I landing more on my midfoot/forefoot? Do I want my foot to be able to move freely or would I rather have a more controlled ride?

After answering these questions, use the Fit, Feel and Ride feedback provided by our test team as a virtual try-on to help you hone in right pair for your foot type, while also keeping your own individual needs and preferences in mind. Once you’ve got a good idea which of these models might work best for you, head to your local running store and try ’em on!

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