Jonathan Jensen’s Five Assessment Exercises

The first part of this piece, “How To Correct Muscular Imbalances” appears on page 55 of the November issue of Competitor Magazine.

Written by: Jonathan Jensen

1. Glutes

Lie flat on your back with one knee bent, bringing your foot in as close to your buttocks as you can while keeping it flat on the floor. The other leg should be extended straight out and stay in alignment with your torso throughout the entire movement. Before you start the movement be sure to draw your core in tight to isolate gluteal movement at the hip and not allow any movement in the lower lumber region of the spine. The goal is to lift the pelvis off the floor as high as you can, using just the gluteal muscle. Slowly raise as high as you can and then lower back to approximately one inch off the floor, then repeat up to 30 times.

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