The Runner’s Holiday Tip Of The Day

Happy Holidays from the editors of Competitor Magazine and!

Get through the holiday season with daily advice from the editors of Competitor.

The Holiday season can be the most stressful and busy time of the year. With holiday parties, snow to shovel, cookies to bake, holiday beverages galore to consume and no winter races in the books it’s easy to fall off the health wagon. According to Health Guidance the average American gains between seven and twelve pounds during the holidays. But endurance athletes don’t fit into the same category as the average American. We wake up at 5 a.m. to go for a run before work; we forgo happy hour to meet our riding group. However, even the most dedicated endurance athlete can stray from their training schedule during the holidays.

There are ways to stay on track–or get back on track–if you take a slight detour. We will offer you a tip a day, Monday through Friday, for the month of December to help you get through the holiday season just a little bit easier and a whole lot healthier.

Come January your training partners will be asking you to slow down!

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