The Runner’s Holiday Tip Of The Day

Dec. 1–Make A Plan!

The easiest way to stray from a plan is to never have one written out in the first place. With a planned out holiday season you will become more aware of opportunities that will get in the way of your workouts or eating healthy. Write out a calendar of events, parties, when to bake cookies for your kids cookie exchange, days spent at your in-laws and times reserved for just a few minutes of peace and quiet. Then pencil in your workouts where they fit. With your month planned out you can take a breather knowing you do in fact have time to fit it all in.

“Writing down my schedule is the difference between sleeping through a workout and getting up, working out and crossing it off my list of things to do for the day,” says Competitor Magazine editor Linzay Logan. “There is just something so satisfying about physically checking off that to-do list.”

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