The Runner’s Holiday Tip Of The Day

Dec. 5–Start A Workout Log!

Now that you’ve followed the advice of Tip #1 and made a plan (right?!), keeping a log of your workouts and runs is a great way to track your exercise to make sure you are sticking to your schedule. It also gives you a big red flag to get back on track when there are several empty days in your log and is great motivation to look back at all you have accomplished.

“Keeping a training log, even if it’s as simple as writing how many miles I have run on a calendar, is great encouragement to continue working toward my goals,” says Competitor editor Linzay Logan. “I look at the calendar and say to myself, ‘I’ve ran this many miles over the last week, if I can fit in a few more miles I’ll be just that much fitter and faster come my next race.’”

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