The Runner’s Holiday Tip Of The Day

The burpee will get your heart rate humming in no time! Photo: Scott Draper/Competitor

Dec. 6–Run With Friends

Having trouble getting out the door this month? Make plans to run with friends!

It can be hard to stay motivated, or simply just tough to find time for a workout, during the holiday season, but it’s always easier to get out the door when you’re having fun and being held accountable. There’s no better way to achieve both of those ends than by meeting up with a friend for a run. Plot out a plan to meet up with a buddy for a run before work on Wednesday mornings, or set up a time for a weekend workout or group long run, in order to have a little fun and give some structure to your hectic holiday schedule.

“December is always a super busy month for me and it can be hard to get my butt out the door most days,” says senior producer Mario Fraioli, “but if I’ve made plans to meet someone for a run, it eliminates any possible excuses I might come up with.”

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