Plug Into Pace Per Mile Radio

The piece first appeared in the November issue of Competitor Magazine.

Written by: Wendy Wilson

Tired of listening to the same old tunes while training? Check out Pace Per Mile radio, an online talk show targeted to marathoners and triathletes.

Formerly known as Pure Fit Radio, the weekly 60-minute broadcast is hosted by seasoned marathoner, ultramarathoner and Ironman triathlete Kevin Leathers and broadcast veteran and race organizer Chris Nicholas. The show can be played online or downloaded to your mobile listening device. It features interviews with elite athletes and experts and offers training tips, gear reviews and more. “Listeners learn ways to train and eat better, hear about the next big invention and take a journey with a coach or athlete that inspires us,” said Nicholas.

But you’ll find more than just the radio show. On Pace Per Mile radio’s website, you can pace your run using the easy-to-use calculator, which can be accessed via your smart phone, too.

You can also find a running feed of sports news as well as past radio shows and interviews. Coming soon, you’ll also be able to find a listing of selected races’ race reports.

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