New App Turns Workout Into Zombie Apocalypse

A new app has users literally running for their lives. Photo:

Here’s your long-awaited chance to run for your life.

A new app has users literally running for their lives. Photo:

All things zombies are all the rage these days. Look no further than the hit show The Walking Dead or the staying power of the classic apocalyptic movie 28 Days Later.

One gaming company is taking advantage of this trend by creating a new mobile app called Zombies, Run! that turns your workout into an adventure.

“You are in a post-apocalypic world and you are being chased by zombies,” says Adrian Hon of the company Six to Start. Apparently, the way the app works is that when you start your run , you begin to hear instructions and take part in the story.

“The game’s got two parts,” says Hon. “You are collecting items and taking them to your base. In the second part, when you return home to your base you are assigning those items to different parts of the base.”

According to a press release, the company has raised $72,000 in venture capital through the Kickstart Web site to fund the interactive game.

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