You Have To Be A Little Crazy To Run In Antarctica

Clément Thévenet: the fastest marathoner in Antarctica. Photo: ITN

Thirty-six runners gave it a shot.

Clément Thévenet: the fastest marathoner in Antarctica. Photo: ITN

Imagine taking on a race in an environment so cold that every piece of skin–even your face–has to be protected.

This is what it’s like to run the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

But these brutal conditions are what attracted the 36 athletes from 17 countries across the globe to take part in the annual event earlier this month.

“I guess there’s a sense I suppose of dread in coming here but perversely they kind of like that,” said the race director, Richard Donovan. “People who run a marathon here in Antarctica often runs on mountains, in a jungle, in a desert – that’s another reason for coming here they want to experience the cold.”

The men’s winner of the race was Clément Thévenet of France who finished in a new course record (3:47). The second-place finisher was a full 33 minutes behind the leader.

“It’s a wonderful experience”, Thévenet said. “There is so much stuff to do around the world but I think I will be back on Antarctica because it’s amazing being there so maybe I’ll be back for hiking or mountain climbing but for the marathon – I do it once that’s it.”

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