Olympic Track & Field Venue: London Olympic Stadium

It all starts, and ends, right here in Olympic Stadium. Photo: www.london-attractions.info

Sport: Track & Field, Paralympics
Location: In the south side of the Olympic Park
New or existing: New
Permanent or temporary: Permanent
Number of events: 208

About Olympic Stadium

Workers began construction on the stadium in May of 2008 and finished up in April of 2011. The stadium is the most sustainable ever built, using 75 percent less steel than other stadiums due to a shortened supply. It also features a low-carbon concrete made from industrial waste and contains 40 percent less embodied carbon than is normally used.

The top ring of the stadium was built using surplus gas pipes–a visual testament to London 2012’s ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ theme of sustainability.

During the Games

Olympic Stadium is something of an island in the south side of the Olympic Park water surrounding it on three sides. There are five bridges that bring spectators to the stadium. Opening and closing ceremonies will take place in the stadium.

The stadium will holds 80,000 spectators: 25,000 permanent seats in its permanent lower tier, and 55,000 in a temporary lightweight steel and concrete upper tier that can be removed after the Games.

Athlete facilities include changing rooms, medical support facilities and an 80-meter warmup track. Refreshment stands and merchandise outlets will be located outside the stadium, and not in the stadium itself.

After the Games

The stadium is designed to be flexible and will continue to be a venue for sport and athletic after the Games, as well as cultural and community events – leaving a lasting legacy.

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