A Sprint To The Finish At The ING Miami Marathon

Samuel Malakwen talks to the press after winning. Photo: ING Miami Marathon

Both runners were  given the same time.

Most marathons are decided miles before the finish line, but not this year’s edition of the ING Miami Marathon. On Sunday, Samuel Malakwen defeated Teferi Bacha at the end in an extremely close race.

Both runners were awarded the same finishing time: 2:16.55.

But Malakwen, a Kenyan was given the win over Bacha, an Ethiopian.

“The last 100 meters was very crucial to me because I was very tired and exhausted,” Malakwen recalled. “He just pushed away from me. He ran fast because he saw the finish line and wanted to win. In my mind I said ‘Let him go.’ But when I saw the finish line I said ‘I will not let him go’ and I started sprinting very fast.”

Italy’s Benazzouz Sliman was third in 2:19:48.

Despite his second-place showing Bacha was pleased.

“I am very happy with the results,” he said. “I have absolutely no grudges. I gave it my best. We were neck-and-neck starting from the half marathon. We told each other we’d help each other run personal bests. At about 50 meters left we started to sprint.”

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