Double-Amputee Veteran Completes Half Marathon

  • By Duncan Larkin
  • Published Jan. 11, 2012
Lance Corporal Ferreira ran 13.1 miles last Saturday. Photo: Suffolk News-Herald

He did it despite the pain.

Lance Corporal Ferreira ran 13.1 miles last Saturday. Photo: Suffolk News-Herald

As if it’s hard enough completing a half marathon, try doing it with both legs missing. This is exactly what Lance Corporal Matias Ferreira did at the Walt Disney World Marathon last weekend.

“They start hurting after a little bit,” Ferreira said about his prosthetics. “But there’s no reason to stop. You just keep going.”

The Marine veteran lost both legs while serving in Afghanistan. He completed the race with two other veterans who had also been injured in combat. Ferreira was part of a team with Achillies International, an organization that trains athletes to run despite their disabilities.

“It’s very exciting to be here,” Ferreira remarked, “to see what I can do.”

Ferreira is no stranger to taking on arduous tasks. Last August, he took part in “Jumping for a Purpose”, a skydiving program in Suffolk, Virginia for wounded veterans.

He had lost his legs on January 21, 2011 when an IED exploded under a platform he had been standing on. “I knew something bad was going to happen,” he recalled of that day. “I just didn’t know it was going to happen to me.”

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Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin

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