Run The Rainbow In 2012

New race series combines running and color festivals.

Written by: Linzay Logan

The Color Run is a new race series hitting the streets of the U.S. in 2012 and it’s nothing like any other race you’ve run–unless you detoured to a paint-ball game during your last marathon. It’s a 5K race with a color extravaganza every kilometer, where race volunteers, sponsors and staff blitz everyone with their “elf made” color dust. No one will cross the finish line looking the same as they did crossing the start line.

Seasoned race director Travis Snyder has been putting on running and triathlon events for 10 years and said this race is a good time for everyone involved. “We wanted to create something for everybody and that’s fun,” Snyder explained. “You’ll see moms pushing their kids in a stroller, a fraternity that comes out and gets crazy, competitive runners who come out for something different and maybe someone who has never done a 5K before but thought it looks like fun.”

The run requires participants to wear a white T-shirt (Snyder says you won’t get kicked out for wearing a different colored shirt, but you aren’t likely to have as much fun) and be prepared look like a rainbow threw up on them by the end of the race. At each kilometer participants will be pummeled with the colorful elf dust; yellow, green, blue, purple and pink designate each kilometer marker. Then, at the finish line, there is a mass color throw set to music every 15 minutes so everyone gets a chance to take part.

“There are festivals in India that have a similar color theme and people like it there, so I thought people might like it here, too.” Snyder said.

Continuing his involvement in the event business and putting on races, he thought a running event would marry well with the idea of the color festival. “I put the two elements together and thought it would be fun.”

The Color Run runs deeper than simply a good time, though. Snyder has made it a goal to involve local groups and raise funds for local charities in each of the cities the race goes to. “We’re working with Habitat for Humanity in a few areas,” he said. “It’s a great charity.”

The Color Run will be dusting their elf-made color over at least 20 cities in 2012 and plans on expanding to even more cities in 2013. Race solo for $40 or as a four-person team for $30 for each.

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