Revolutionize Your Run With The PEAR Square One

New product delivers real-time audio coaching.

This week, PEAR Sports announced the launch of a patented Training Intelligence system and its introductory product, the PEAR Square One. With Training Intelligence technology, PEAR revolutionizes run and fitness training by eliminating the distraction and the difficulty of using and understanding a heart rate monitor. Be it to train for a marathon, lose weight or simply to get in shape, PEAR provides hundreds of personalized training plans and workouts designed by a team of world-class coaches, including Matt Fitzgerald and Jenny Hadfield. The PEAR Square One includes a wireless heart rate sensor, foot pod and sport earphones that work together to deliver real-time audio coaching and on-demand audio stats based on how the body is responding to the workout. PEAR Square One is compatible with Apple’s iPod shuffle and infuses your favorite music seamlessly into the coaching cues for maximum results and enjoyment.

“The PEAR vision is simple –to train smarter and enjoy it so that you can get the most out of each workout and accomplish your goals,” says Kristian Rauhala, PEAR co-founder and President. “PEAR is more than just heart rate training. It’s a boost from an upbeat song, a coaching cue that causes you to dig deeper and a brand new workout to keep you motivated. PEAR is coaching, motivation and a lot of fun.”

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