Arsenic Found In Some Energy Bars

Check the labels on your favorite energy and cereals bars. If brown rice syrup is the first ingredient, be wary.

Alarming levels found in items containing brown rice syrup.

The cereal and energy bars that are staple snacks in many runners’ diet might include some dangerous ingredients not listed on the label, according to a study published recently in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives. The brown rice syrup common in many of these products as well as in infant formula was found to contain alarmingly high doses of arsenic the LA Times Reported.

Out of the 29 bars tested, those made with rice syrup contained two to 12 times the safe limit of arsenic, and two of the 17 infant formulas tested contained six times the federal limit—an alarming statistic considering arsenic is a carcinogen that can also cause skin, lung and intestinal complications.

To avoid products containing these high levels of arsenic, read the labels on bars and children’s formulas carefully and avoid those that list brown rice syrup as the first or second ingredient.

For More: LA Times

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