Mike Wardian Wins Birmingham Marathon

Mike Wardian celebrates at the finish in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo: AI.com

Fifty-two-year-old Elena Shemyakina took the women’s title.

Serial marathoner Mike Wardian was at it again over weekend. At the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama, the Alexandria, Virginia resident was the first runner to break the tape in two hours twenty-two minutes and 43 seconds. Wardian recently competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston on January 14.

He was the runner up at the 2009 edition of the Alabama race.

“I’d love to come back, if they’re willing to have me and if there’s room,” said Wardian.

The second-place runner, Hank Campbell, was a full ten minutes back, crossing the line in 2:32:04.

In the women’s race, a 52-year-old former Russian prevailed. Elena Shemyakina broke the tape in 3:08:29,

Birmingham’s Ali Edwards took second in 3:12.42.

In the male master’s division, Geno Phillips was the first to cross the finish line. His time was 2:40:27,

A half marathon was also held in conjunction with the marathon. In that race, Kenyan Reuben Mwei clocked 1:06:04. The women’s winner was Meagan Nedlo in 1:17:56.

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