Off To A Fast Start: Exclusive Interview With Ricky Flynn

What’s your training and racing focus going to be this summer?

It’s pretty common knowledge that if you can lower one PR in one distance you can probably do better at another distance, and it seems that for a lot of guys when they lower their 10K time they lower their marathon time and vice versa. I got my marathon time down pretty good so I’m hoping I can get that 10K time down to at least an equivalent performance, and hopefully that will help me in my next marathon too. So the focus is to try and see if I can’t qualify for the track Trials in the 10K and run a 5K as well and see if I can improve on that time, too.

Have you started thinking about your next marathon yet?

I’ve done a little thinking and yeah, this fall or next spring is an option. I kind of want to find a marathon where I can run really, really fast. I could do New York, and that course is a little bit harder, but it would be a really cool experience because my family lives in New York. So that’s an option. But then again, do I want to go run a flat one like Chicago, or who knows where. If I can get my time down it will help get my name out there a little bit more. I’ll have to see how the track season goes and see how I feel, recover after that, and if I’ll have enough time to put one in in October or November. And, if not, I definitely want to do one late winter or early spring next year.

When you were in college at Lynchburg, you were an outstanding cross country runner. Did you ever think that the marathon would be your best event or where you’d have the most impact?

If you had asked me in high school or my early years in college if I were going to be a marathoner I’d probably have told you that you were crazy. But as I got older and more mature I made that step up from the 5K to the 10K my junior year of college and that went really well. If you asked me then I would have told you “yeah, eventually I’ll do a marathon and see how it goes” and that I might have the potential to be a good marathoner, but it all depends on how the training goes and how well my body adjusts. About a year ago I kind of realized that if I want to take a shot at this the marathon is going to have to be my event. I was just biding my time until I was ready and my body was ready and I was mature enough. It happened to be an Olympic year so I figured I’d give it a shot by running a half marathon. If I didn’t qualify [for the Trials at the half marathon] it wouldn’t have been a big issue and I would have just broke it down and tried to lower my PRs in track and then maybe do another one a year or two down the road. I was able to put in the mileage and adjust to the training very well so I was happy about that.

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