Police Recommend Inquiry Into Australian Ultra

Kate Sanderson was a victim in last year's Kimberley Ultramarathon. Photo: Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Two runners were severely burned last year.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that a senior police official who headed the investigation into the tragedy at the Kimberley Ultramarathon last year has stated that the race and its organizers should be the subject of a formal inquiry.

Runners in the West Australian event got caught in a horrific wildfire that left two participants, Kate Sanderson and Turia Pitt, with horrific burns.The women had been trapped in a bushfire.

The Kimberley Ultramarathon was hosted by a Hong Kong company called “Racing the Planet”.

The internal police report was written by Kimberley District Superintendent Mick Sutherland who raised serious questions about the race’s organization and management. The brother Kate Sanderson, Ian, said he will use the report to further substantiate a broader investigation by the Australian Government.

“I believe the findings very much support the discoveries we’ve made ourselves,” he said. “Anybody with a logical mind would quickly conclude there are very strong reasons why an investigation should take place.”

For More: Australian Broadcasting Corp

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