Self-Coached Patrick Makau Shares His Story

Patrick Makau sits down with journalists to share his story. Photo: Capital Sports

The world-record holder talks candidly about his life.

Most people know about Patrick Makau, the world-record holder in the marathon, but few know anything about the great Kenyan runner past the headlines. A recent article from Capital Sports gives running enthusiasts a look at another side of Makau.

First, he’s a family man. On January 31, Makau welcomed a pair of twins–boys.

“This is something which is great!” Makau exclaimed. “Many people before thought that for someone running marathons it is very hard to get boys but I have been blessed with two, it is something great for me. It means I can produce more in the side of running and even on the other side of the family.”

Another bit about Makau many may not know: he’s self-coached.

“I understand my body very well, sometimes; a coach can come in the morning and tell you to do something that the body does not respond,” he explained.┬áTraining with a coach is a kind of an advantage since I plan everything for myself my body tells me when it ready for speed workouts or long training.”

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