The Rise Of The Run-ch Break

Lunchtime running is more popular than ever in England. Photo: Daily Mail

One in 13 British workers are taking to the roads at noon.

If you live in England and decide to step away from your office for lunch, you will see more and more people running. This news comes from an article posted on the Daily Mail’s Web site which states that over two million British citizens run during lunch. This equates into one in 13 people.

On average, employees rack up nearly 500 miles a year while out on the roads and trails.

This news comes from a recent study by the sportswear brand Helly Hanson, which interviewed 1,500 lunchtime runners.

‘There is a definite trend of the nation’s workforce heading out on their lunch break and working up a sweat,” said a company spokesman. “Hectic lifestyles or feeling too worn out at the end of an arduous day in the office means the only real option is to incorporate exercise into the day.”

In addition to running, millions are doing other exercises for their noon break such as spinning and walking. Men were, on average, more prone to running than women, who seem to prefer other activites like Pilates or yoga.

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